Environmental Consulting and Industrial Hygiene in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, Walter Bouchard and Associates
Environmental Consulting and Industrial Hygiene in Scottsdale and Phoenix Arizona, Walter Bouchard and Associates

The Bouchard Companies operate through two business entities. 

W.L. Bouchard & Associates, Inc., 
with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona

In the Southwestern U.S. we assist companies involved in both operations and development; in which we manage environmental property assessments, facility permitting & licensing, regulatory compliance, construction related entitlements, technical studies, linear infrastructure routing studies, and project related governmental affairs, regulatory liaison, and public outreach.


W.L. Bouchard de México, S. de R.L. de C.V., 
with headquarters in Hermosillo, Sonora

The Bouchard Companies’ cross border operating structure allows us to seamlessly integrate our services across state and international borders, as needed.  We have over 40 professionals available in our offices in U.S. and Mexico .

In Mexico, we primarily serve the needs of U.S. based investors and developers, Mexican governmental entities, and Mexican firms who are engaged in the creation of large, high value, sustainable ventures including industrial facilities, commercial developments, housing, and infrastructure.


The Value Proposition of Working with a Bi-National Firm

The Bouchard Companies, has a proven history of success in both international and domestic projects.  Leading edge companies know that a company with successful international experience, indicates world-class performance.  We specialize in the southwest U.S. and Mexico and are often engaged by organizations seeking to form strong and effective cross-border partnerships and operations.

Implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has accelerated cross-border business.  A complex array of United States and Mexican laws have followed; effecting financial transactions, taxes, security, environmental performance, and other matters that significantly increase the complexity of doing business.  The Bouchard Companies, understands and excels in this area of the world, and we can significantly effect our client's success. 

Our clients face many of the same business challenges on their projects based solely in the United States and have relied on the experienced, steady hand of The Bouchard Companies gained through our many years of seasoning in international and domestic project management and consulting on complex projects. 

Working in the United States and Mexico, The Bouchard Companies is in direct contact, and in many cases competition; with European, Asian, and Latin American providers who represent the best that the international marketplace has to offer.  To remain the best at what we do, we continually engage in advanced education and training.  We work to incorporate the latest strategies and our own innovations in project management, bringing the highest added value to our clients’ projects on both sides of the border.

Our commitment to providing focused, strategic project management and advice to our domestic and international clients is unwavering and our dedication to operating with the highest levels of integrity, loyalty and commitment to our clients is unmatched.  The Bouchard Companies will help you successfully navigate this increasingly complex international business environment whether your strategic goals are in the United States or Mexico.